X-3 mission timeline

1993 to 1996

  • Asked to go make first contact with Jubilee. Accompanied by Jean Gray, Gambit and Multiple Man.
  • Sarah helps form the first mutant awareness online cyberzine.
  • In an attempt to reach Waco and stop Eric Lehnsherr from slaughtering the MRD on national news, Mage inadvertently transports the group 25 years into the future. They see the turn of events caused by Waco in a Sentinel controlled wasteland devastated by nuclear strikes all over America. They also meet and save Rachel Summers, the future daughter of Jean Gray.
  • Returning to their present, they infiltrate Waco to talk down Magnito. Sarah gains favor with Eric by encouraging a more tactical approach and Wanda encourages her father towards discretion. Averting a massacre, they are officially declared X3.
  • Sarah is asked by her online magazine, now anonymously funded by Bl4d3z, to cover other important events like the Baxter Building pre-teleport ball that is attacked by Nitro, Vanisher and Mystique in order to abduct Forge.
  • Asked to go locate a missing mutant child named “Marrow”. Leads to meeting the Morlocks, a mutant community living under NYC in the sewers with their own culture. Realizing that the battle between the newly formed Fantastic Four and Victor Von Doom is about to cave in the Morlocks home, X-3 ushers them to safety and offers refuge to those who will stay at the school. Most return to rebuild their shattered life within a month.
  • Learning that the Morlocks are being hunted also leads to a ring of crime bosses creating a drug based off the mutant gene called “M” on the streets. While eliminating the “M” production, X-3 save the lives of two runaways who were forever changed by Silvermane’s experimentation. Tandy and Tyrone fled from the school. Recent rumors of a duo called Cloak and Dagger wiping out crime bosses show their current events.
  • While acclimating “Cru” to life at the school and acceptance of her powers, X-3 gets an urgent call that the Westborough Babtist Church of Humanity is under attack by another group of mutants. The team learns about the Massachusetts Academy run by Emma Frost and her group called the Hellions.
  • While on the way to Genosha, after the Oklahoma city bombing by Nitro, X-3 gets an urgent request to help save Chelsea Clinton from the Brotherhood in Bosnia.
  • Having saved the President’s daughter, X-3 is asked to become an attachment for S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Finding out that Wanda has been providing information to SHIELD and trying to keep her father under wraps for years, X-3 is asked to meet with Quicksilver and convince him to join his sister against their father or if unsuccessful, capture him.

These next missions happened but are not recalled by people in the modern timeline.

Loki’s attack on a SHIELD base prompted the team to be sent to slow Hawkeye while he labors under the power of the Teseract. Working with Sabra of the Mossod, the team leverages tracking on a stolen missile for help with The Iraqi Savior, Gilgamesh. Learning that the missile is now in the hands of HYDRA, the team infiltrates HYDRA mansion.
With Loki captured and on the Helicarrier, X3 is sent to locate the Teseract and retrieve it. They narrow the search to Stark Tower by triangulating various teleport signals. They engage Loki as Magneto and the brotherhood show up. Wanda is contolled by Loki and uses her powers near the wormhole generator to gather forces to protect the machine.
Sucked into the alternate future as tachyons pull the team through the wormhole, the team finds themselves in a world devastated by Thanos, The Mad Titan.
Unable to get to the Teseract, the group twarted the Mad Titan and fled in haste through the mirrors of Karnilla’s tower. They traveled back through time and space but without the power of the Teseract they did not cross back to their original dimension. Now they are in a world where the Battle of NY happened in 2011. They are home, but 15 years out of time.

Beginning of the 2011 continuity

X-3 mission timeline

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